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Our Data Science Program

🎓 Academic Modules

The first step is to choose your program level (A-E) according to your current knowledge and skills:

Level AUniversity graduates with some knowledge in Python and Data Science2 months- 16 sessions
Level BUniversity students and graduates with some knowledge in Python3 months- 24 sessions
Level CCollege graduates3 months- 24 sessions
Level DCollege students4 months- 32 sessions
Level EUniversity students and graduates or high school graduates without Data Science and Python knowledge5 months- 40 sessions

👨‍🎓 Group/Private Classes?

Classes are held either in groups or privately. Regarding your learning interest and time, you can choose between them. Please note that the classes may hold online or in-person. But what are the differences between Group classes and Private ones?

Group Classes

  1. Each session is 2 hours
  2. Each group has one mentor
  3. The limitation for the number of students in the class is between 3 and 5
  4. The students are eligible to attend conferences and competitions

Private classes (ONLY one student in a class)

  1. Each session is 1.5 hours
  2. Each student has a private mentor
  3. The student is eligible to attend conferences and competitions

💡 Note
The students (either in groups or private) are eligible for discounts.

🔥 Interview Preparation

To get you more prepared than ever, we also provide interview preparation for candidates and non-candidates:


  1. This additional package can be added to the candidates for an additional fee. No exam is needed.
  2. The candidates who add this package are eligible to refund in case of no success with their job search after six months.
  3. This package is started at the same time of level A or B with 3 extra weeks with the same materials
  4. For group classes, 8 interviews will be individually the same as private classes


  1. Placement exam to categorize you into level A, B, C, or D + a little exam fee (for those who did not take data science courses with us)
  2. For level A (1 month): This package has 8 training interviews as well as completing 4 tasks with a mentor.
  3. For level B (2 months): This package has 2 weeks of training to complete your knowledge in data science, 8 training interviews as well as completing 8 tasks with a mentor.
  4. For other levels, we recommend considering our courses.
  5. Non-candidates are also eligible for discounts.

💡 Note
CV refinement: is FREE for all students

💰 Tuition Fees

The tuition fees can be paid in full at the beginning of the courses or in installments (Cheques only) every month. The tuition fees mentioned below are after a 15% discount for all students registered before 31/05/2022. The actual prices will turn from 01/06/2022 on.

CategoryGroup ClassesPrivate Classes
Level A$1530 ($1800)$1742 ($2050)
Level B/C$1870 ($2200)$2125($2500)
Level D$2125 ($2500)$2465 ($2900)
Level E$2465 ($2900)$2805 ($3300)
Interview preparation (candidates)$400$500
Interview preparation (non-candidates)for level A $600, for Level B $1700 ($2000)-

🈹 Discounts
all students are eligible for a discount in case of referring one or more students. For each referring will get 10% cashback of your payment.
💸 Refund
Only candidate who has additionally registered for the interview preparation are eligible to get 50% of their payment in case they were not able to find a related job after six months.

What concepts will be covered in our programs?

The contents are divided into the below categories regarding the necessity of the concepts introduced in each:

Machine Learning Basics
Data Science in Python
Machine Learning Basics

Checkout the Machine Learning Basics Course Syllabus here.

Data Science in Python

Checkout the Data Science in Python Course Syllabus here.

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